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The Roy Chow Hin Yeung directed MURDERER had life risking performances from Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Chin Kar Lok, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, and Chen Kuan Tai. He even personally poured tea for veteran Chen Kuan Tai in a show of appreciation.

In one scene Chen Kuan Tai was thrown to the streets. After checking the marks he did not ask for a double and jumped, then he calmly said, "Child's play." Chow Hin Yeung said, "Kar Lok and I were absolutely amazed. The location was five stories tall and the costume required prop blood all over. It was very hard to take. Brother Tai didn't complain once. I truly appreciate this veteran. Thus after completing this scene I poured tea for him as a show of appreciation on the spot."

In addition, Chow Hin Yeung also admired Chin Kar Lok's effort in action design. He even praised his work attitude as the very spirit of Hong Kong film. He persisted with him on completing many highly difficulty shots. Kar Lok was not able to an action director just over night.

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