Thursday, June 18, 2009


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing recently has been busy with the film MURDERER's promotion. Although Sing Sing also had to work on the Benny Chan Muk Sing film CHUEN SING GAI BEI (CITY WIDE ALERT), he would rather not sleep and promote. Even the staff called him "Iron Man Kwok". Sing Sing pointed out that promotion was an actor's responsibility, naps in the car was already enough.

This time famous photographer Wing Shya shot the MURDERER's poster and even captured Sing Sing's exhausted look and almost madly vicious eyes. Ha Wing Hong pointed out that shooting Sing Sing's usual good look was easy but shooting a vicious and exhausted look was harder. When the film production neared its end and Sing Sing truly did not sleep for three days, he was completely exhausted and Ha Wing Hong was able to successfully capture it.

On the day of the wrap, Sing Sing in order to cultivate the most disturbed emotions did not say much for nearly a day. Mostly he sat in a corner without saying a word and looked very vicious. The staff screamed,"Today no one alive goes near Sing Sing!" After the shoot, Sing Sing expressed that for a long time he still could not leave the character. For awhile he did not want to say much. as for the poster result, Sing Sing's expression was very satisfactory because it was fully terrifying and completely expressed his "mad eyes". When he first saw the poster he almost was not able to recognize himself. Because the poster was too terrifying and frightening, the MTR corporation almost did not approve it. Half of Sing Sing's vicious look had to fade into the background.

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