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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing in MURDERER plays a senior inspector. Due to the character's enormous mood swings, he had a lot of fun with the performance. Yet because he was too involved, during the shoot his emotional condition sacrifice was rather large.

Sing Sing said, "Once in the middle of the shoot I couldn't leave the character. One night after work on the way home, I suddenly felt confused and almost didn't know the way home. I was almost as if I really killed someone." Obviously the character's subversion level was extremely severe and once put him on the brink of depression and breakdown. Even MURDERER's director of photography, Golden Horse award winning master photographer Lee Ping-bin praised Sing Sing's extraordinary performance and even felt it was Sing Sing's representative work.

The film company not only spent 1 million on SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE's English editing company to edit the trailer but also hired Japanese composer Shigeru Umebayashi to score the film and famous photography Wing Shya to shoot the film poster. Sing Sing expressed, MURDERER not only had a strong crew but also the cast including Janine Chang Chun Ning, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Chen Kuan Tai, Chin Kar Lok and others consisted of good actors. Soon into the production everyone had an unspoken chemistry as if they were possessed. They were reluctant to leave work.

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