Saturday, June 13, 2009


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The 12th Annaul Shanghai International Film Festival opened last night. WHEAT was the opening film. Two days ago the director He Ping and actors like Fan Bingbing attended a press conference, which not only showed the trailer but also the film's 7 posters. The team also talked about their experience.

Fan Bingbing in the film played the lady of the town. Her personality was rather strong. When recalling the joy of the production,Bingbing said, "At the location of Hailar, everyone was like a family." Soon Bingbing suddenly was choked up with tears. As for her role, Bingbing honestly said that it was very challenging. Because the film was about her longing and love for her husband at work, she had to express enormous emotional upheaval. Thus the role was her favorite in recent years.

In addition, director He Ping has not directed for 6 years. WHEAT's production was due completely to golf because the director and actors Wang Zhiwen, Wang Ji and others were all avid golfers. They met on the golf course and thus made the film.

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