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On screen Shek Kin absolutely was an absolute villain, playboy,actually personally he was the opposite of his image! Anyone who knew Uncle Kin knew, he was Mr. Nice Guy who never smoked, never drank, and loved his family 100%, after years in show business he never had any gossip.

62 Years of Marriage, Praised Wife To Everyone

In 1931, Uncle Kin in an amateur drama troupe met the then student Lee Kit Ying (Aunt Kin). They became good friends and got along famously,later they both joined the patriot drama troupe as their relationship suddenly took off. Later in 1936 they wed and spent 62 years together. Uncle Kin was a well known good husband in the business. Every time he performed, worked or traveled overseas, he would bring his wife along. To everyone, Uncle Kin praised his wife for taking care of their home and for being the best partner at work. She served as his manager as she handled his film offers, schedules and salary negotiations.

Baptized For Aunt Kin

Aunt Kin was a Christian since she was little, Uncle Kin though was an atheist. One year, Aunt Kin was ill for months without any sign of recovery. Uncle Kin prayed for the Lord to protect his beloved wife and received baptism in hopes of a speedy recovery for his wife. Aunt Kin in 1998 passed away. Years later Uncle Kin in media interviews still stated that he still missed his wife a lot. Their love was touching!

Communicated With Notes to Children
Uncle Kin back then made many martial art films, actually he loved literature. Back then in order for his wife and six children to live the good life, he joined the film industry and worked day and night. Although he made a lot of money, he had less time to communicate with children. Uncle Kin once in an interview revealed that back then he made movies everyday and relied on notes to communicate with his children. Luckily his children were obedient and understanding, after growing up they each made their achievement and were very filial. Although late in his life Uncle Kin was immobile, he had children and grandchildren galore. Every weekend, Uncle Kin would meet with his children, children in law, and grandchildren and enjoyed family time. Life was rather pleasant.
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