Monday, June 8, 2009

[2009.06.09] FILM WORKER UNION

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The Hong Kong Film Worker Union yesterday held a meeting, attendees included chair Ng See Yuen, executives Tin Kai Man, Alex Law Kai Yui and Cheung Chi Sing.

Ng See Yuen expressed that yesterday's meeting not only discussed Uncle Shek Kin's funeral but also the film development council's Beijing meeting next month. He hoped that the members would provide suggestions. Ng See Yuen expressed that now only co-productions can be released in the Mainland. He hoped to be able to fight for non co-production release in the Mainland on this trip to Beijing.

Yesterday meeting also talked about director and screen writer's creative rights. Screen writers and directors create stories, but for sequels the issue of copyright remains up in the air. He hoped to be able to protect directors and screen writers' creative rights. Ng See Yuen said that foreign creative rights belong to the creator, but Hong Kong is somewhat blurred. Were they discussing the issue due to the copyright dispute earlier when Alfred Cheung Kin Ting wanted to remake LET'S MAKE LAUGH? Ng See Yuen expressed that it was unrelated. The issue often arose, even Derek Yee Tung Sing experienced it. However, he said that yesterday was only a discussion and no solution would be reached so quick.

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