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The nine day long 2009 Shanghai International Film Festival closed on the 21st. This year's film festival Jin Jue Awards were also announced. ORIGINAL's Sverrir Gudnason won Best Actor while ACHING HEARTS' Simone Tang won Best Actress. Worthy of mention was, the favorite to win Best Actor, Hong Kong's Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, missed this year's Jin Jue Best Actor award. However his film EMPIRE OF SILVER as expected won this year's Jury Award.

Best Actor Simone Tang although had a grasp on the film's complex emotions but after she won she was all tears. "ACHING HEARTS took three years to make. The film at the same time documented my growth. During the production, I experienced the best time of my life." In comparison to Simone tang, ORIGINAL's Best Actor Sverrir Gudnason was just as emotional. He expressed that this award was the best thing in his life. "During the production I didn't perform. I reflected a condition to the audience. I feel very good, I will continue to walk on the film art road."

Although Kwok Fu Sing miseed the Jin Jue Best Actor award, his film EMPIRE OF SILVER as expected won this film festival's Jury Award. Rather close with Taiwan businessman Terence Kuo, director Yao Shuhua hoped to dedicate EMPIRE OF SILVER to the world's Chinese business people. "I thank Boss Kuo's support of this film, Kwok Fu Sing for his excellent performance, of course I also have to thank all of the cast and crew."

Yao Shuhua praised that Kwok Fu Sing's acting and said that he was a "natural born actor". "Kwok Fu Sing thoroughly interpreted the character's loneliness and pride in the film. His eyes were as calm and peaceful as any businessman." She directly said that the two time Golden Horse Best Actor Kwok Fu Sing not only was a show business Heavenly King who could sing and dance but also a very outstanding actor. "Kwok Fu Sing's acting breakthrough in recent years everyone has witnessed. He proved with his acting that Hong Kong stars could bring an elegant Chinese businessman to life."

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