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The Michael Tse Tin Wa starred LAUGHING GOR ji BIN JIT finally unveiled its female lead, with Fala Chen playing "Laughing Soh". Two nights ago Tin Wa, Fala, Felix Wong Yat Wa and others worked inside a Yau Tong lumber factory. TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling personally visited the set and even asked Tin Wa whether the production has been tough.

Later reporters made fun of Tin Wa as Ms. Lok's favorite. He claimed that Ms. Lok after visiting Raymond Lam Fung's set came over since it was on the way. "Actually Ms. Love loves everyone, she is just coming over to see if we are slacking off." Tin Wa felt lucky that although the weather has been unstable lately no rain has come during the shoot so the production progress has not been hindered. Two nights ago Tin Wa and Fala kept running for the shoot. Was he satisfied with this girlfriend? He joked that Fala ran faster than him. Originally he was dragging her in the run, but he realized that she was on the same pace as him. He joked that she looked fragile so he did not expect her to be so athletic. As for intimate scenes, he immediately changed the subject. "It's really hot. (Would it be passionate?) (Francis) Ng Chun Yu would smash a bottle over my head, I have to train in the iron head style in advance." After the press' further probing, he finally revealed that he and Fala would have a bed scene. The details needed to be discussed with the director.

Starting her first day two nights ago, Fala thanked the company for giving her a chance. "After auditioning I really looked forward to being able to perform, but that was beyond my control. When I got the notice I was very happy, but I didn't know who auditioned so there was no winner or loser." She also revealed that she would have a lot of action scenes in the film. As for the film's Best Actor supports Ng Chun Yu and Anthony Wong Chau Sun, would she feel pressure during her performance? She asked those around her for an understanding of Chun Yu's acting method. She heard that he was very willing to teach new comers, but she would do her part fully and know her lines. In the film, she would play Chun Yu's sister. Because her brother was a mob member, they often argued. As for her intimate scene with Tin Wa, she expressed that she just received the script and so far she knew that it would not be too passionate. She instead was the most concerned about not being able to handle the action.

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