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Shek Kin passed away at the age of 96

In 1992 Shek Kin bid farewell to television after his TVB special

Uncle and Aunt Kin were the industry's model couple. Aunt Kin's passing in 1998 was quite a setback for Uncle Kin

In 2006 Shek Kin donated one of his properties for performing art cultural group expansion and development purposes.

Hong Kong show business' "villain of the generation" Shek Kin passed away at the age of 96. Shek Kin (originally named Shek Wing Cheung) two days ago at 4PM passed away at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with his children by his side. The funeral will take place on June 25 at the World Funeral Home with a Christian ceremony. The Silven Screen's Tough Guy Trio of Master Kwan Tak hing, Cho Tat Wa and Shek Kin has worked together on over 100 WONG FEI HUNG films.

Three past silver screen tough guys Shek Kin, Cho Tat Wa and Kwan Tak Hing have passed away one after another.

Shek Kin's health has been fading in recent years. His leg muscle dystrophy has left him immobile and requiring the use of cane and wheelchair. Uncle Kin also had urinary system problem and required a catheter. Recently Uncle Kin's respiratory system failed and earlier was hospitalized until two afternoons ago when he passed away.

Daughter: Peaceful And Pleasant When He Passed

Performing Artist Guild assistant chair Cheung Kuen contacted Uncle Kin's daughter, who stated that when her father passed he was very peaceful and pleased. He no longer had to suffer in bed and could see her late mother and good friends again. Uncle Kin's daughter also said, her father could continue to practice gong fu in the other world and under the care of the Heavenly Father.

Public Viewing Then A Memorial

Cheung Kuen expressed that Uncle Kin's family would handle Uncle Kin's affairs. Uncle Kin's funeral will be open to the public for final respect. After the funeral a memorial will be held.

Shek Kin has been in film for 54 years, over half a century. In 1993 he officially retired from show business. From the big movie silver screen to the television screen, Uncle Kin has played all kinds of villains; on the silver screen he was always Wong Fei Hung's rival. His "Heavenly Foot" in BUDDHA'S PALM (YU LOI SUN JEUNG) has become a deep memory of last century's Cantonese films.

Deep Impression With Ching Yat Lung, Tse Shun

Uncle Shun in the early 80s worked on a mint drop commercial. With the classic line "Who is more evil than me?" He was crowned "Villain Kin" and the mint drop was called "Villain candy". In real life, Shek Kin was Mr. Nice Guy in everyone's mind. He joined TVB and his series characters from HOTEL (KONG CHIU)'s Ching Yat Lung to HEAVEN SWORD AND DRAGON SABRE (YI TIN DOH LUNG GEI)'s Golden Mane Lion King Tse Shun all left deep impression.

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  1. This compilation of posts on the life of Shek Kin is an excellent tribute to a talented performer and (it is nice to see) a lovely man.

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