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Shek Kin has been in film for 53 years. With the role of Villain Kin he has become a household name. His trademarke evil laughter was memorable. Uncle Kin's acting was excellent, his portrayal of Villain Kinoutstanding. His Golden Mane Lion King in HEAVENLY SWORD AND DRAGON SABREand BUDDHA'S PALM's Heavenly Leg were just as unforgettable. Studying martial art since childhood, Uncle Kin's abilities were extraordinary and naturally quite handy in martial art films.

Classic fight scene between Villain Kin and Wong Hei Fung.
BUDDHA'S PALM Classic Heavenly Leg
Uncle Kin since his first film FLOWER IN A SEA OF BLOOD (HUET HOI FA) has made hundreds of films, he performed in nearly 100 just for the WONG FEI HUNG film series alone and successfully built the "Villain Kin" villain image; WONG FEI HUNG even created a proud record in the Guiness Book of World Records. Uncle Kin once said that back then he frequently made WONG FEI HUNG because of its great overseas sales. Many film bossesused this film for "emergency". In 1973, Bruce Lee cast Shek Kin in the film ENTER THE DRAGON to play the villain Mr. Han. Their duels thoroughly showed the structures of martial art.
Defending Golden Mane Lion King

Uncle Kin in 1975 joined TVB. His first television series was GUNG FU YIT, which was right up his alley. Then he performed in many classic series, including HOTEL, HEAVEN SWORD AND DRAGON SABRE, RACING PEAK (DAI HUNG), THE GIANTS (KEUNG YUN), LEGEND OF CONDOR HEROES 1983 (SEH DIU YING HUNG JUEN ji DUNG CHE SAI DUK); he also continued his evil ways in television. In HOTEL he played Ching Yat Lung, who looked like arighteous hotel CEO but underneath he was a big villain who was smugglingand trafficking drugs; in THE LEGEND OF THE BOOK AND THE SWORD he played Cheung Jiu Chung, who was evil to the bones. The raise of the corner of his mouth and his eyebrow were all his trademark villain expressions.
With his eyebrow and corner of his mouth raised, Uncle Kin already told everyone, "I am evil."
Accepted As A Good Guy
HEAVEN SWORD AND DRAGON SABER's Golden Mane Lion King was also Uncle Kin's representative work, but he once defended Golden Mane Lion King. He claimed that he was not a villain, but a tragic figure who had too many tragedies in his life and was led to believe no one in the world was good. In the end he still turned good.
Deborah Li (Dik Bor Lai) played Ching Yat Long (Shek Kin)'s mistress in HOTEL
A "topless" scene with Jackie Chan in THE YOUNG MASTER
After playing many villains, Uncle Kin honestly said that he wanted to play a good guy. Thus in television he played many gentle elder roles, like THE GOOD, THE BADY AND THE UGLY (MONG JUNG YUN)'s Lung Koon Sam, THE BROTHERS (CHUN CHING)' So Dai Pang, THE FEUD OF TWO BROTHERS (LAU MUN DAI HUNG)'s Grandfather. The audience accepted all ofthem. Countless top artists have worked with Uncle Kin, like Connie Chan Bo Chu, Josephine Siao Fong Fong, Chow Yun Fat, Carol Cheng Yui Ling, Deborah Li (Dik Bor Lai), and Jackie Chan.
Uncle Kin's final television series MAN FROM GUANGDONG, in which he went against tradition and played the righteous Wong Fei Hung.
Uncle Kin's farewell to film, HONG KONG ADAM'S FAMILY
Final Television Work MAN FROM GUANGDONG
In 1993, Uncle Kin announced his retirement from show business. His final television work was the 1991 MAN FROM GUANGDONG (NGOR HAI WONG FEI HUNG), his final film was HONG KONG ADAM'S FAMILY. TVB held a farewell event for him.

Several Hundred Performances

Uncle Kin took part in several hundred performances, his performing art achievement was top notch. In 1995 he received the Hong Kong Film Critic Association Golden Bauhinia Lifetime Achievement Award; in 2003, he and Cho Tat Wa received the Hong Kong Film Award Professional Spirit Award; in 2004, Uncle Kin left his mark on the Avenue of Stars.

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