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The folk fantasy animation THE MAGIC ASTER (MA LANHUA) Shanghai premiere took place on the 19th. Shanghai city charity foundation, Shanghai Cultural Broadcasting Group leaders along with the film's creative team, the joint release companies Shanghai Animation Film Studio, China Educational Television, the joint production companies Shanghai Animation Film Studio, Ximen Shangchen Science and Technology company, Shanghai Chengtai investment management company guests and the three lands from two shores of the straits voice actors Leon Lai Ming, Lin Chiling, Chen Hao, Zhou Libao, Gao Yuan, and the film's singers Kenji Wu (Ng Hak Kwun), Valen Hsu (Hui Yu Wan) and others attended.

This time THE MAGIC ASTER's production included the advanced concept of two dimensional animation as the primary and three dimensional animation as secondary to achieve the film's visual effect impact. This film's three dimensional background animation was completely in the hands of the Olympic special effect animation production Crystal 3D animation company. The style was based on famous Chinese and Japanese artists' work. The visual had more visual impact and the 2D and 3D animation mix was flawless. It could rival Hayao Miyazaki's animation film. The film cost 15 million and three years to produce. The production target was to create a leaping film in Chinese animation history and an international quality Chinese animation epic that belonged to the Chinese people.

Aside from the strong production team, THE MAGIC ASTER's voice actors and singers line up were rather elegant. At the premiere, the film's voice actors Lai Ming, Lin Chiling, Ng Hak Kwun, Hui Yu Wan, Chen Hao, Zhou Libao and other stars appeared and performed at the premiere. The host Gao Yuan even said that he was an animation fan since childhood. The film's "Old Dad" voice belonged to international star athlete Yao Ming. Due to his leg injury he had to continue treatment in Beijing and could not attend the premiere, but he through video sent his well wishes.

As for box office pressure from TERMINATOR SALVATION and TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, the production was full of confidence and believed that THE MAGIC ASTER would be a strong animation film. "We are not afraid of any blockbuster. We believe that THE MAGIC ASTER will definitely start a box office fever this summer."

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