Tuesday, June 2, 2009


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The Shanghai Animation Film Studio, Xiamen Shangchen Science and Technology company and Shanghai Chengtai investment management company joint release, the folk fantasy animation film THE MAGIC ASTER (MA LAN HUA) on the 2nd invited Leon Lai Ming to provide the voice of its male lead Ma Long. In the afternoon, Lai Ming who was working on his new film in Shanghai went to the Shanghai Broadcasting building recording studio despite the rain for his first recording. Lai Ming saw this "first time"as very important. After studying the screenplay in detail, he even made notes on it. After entering the recording studio, he immediately turned into a good student and followed every one of the director's instructions. Because he was new, the recording progress was slower than imagined. However he was not bothered at all and has already grown a heavy interest in cartoon voice recording. He even looked forward to the next time. "As long as someone asks me, I definitely would agree. I really like to provide the voice for animation films, but no one ever approaches me!"

Like most children, Lai Ming's childhood was also spent watching cartoons. According to him, cartoon was required for communication with children. Lai Ming revealed, when he first appeared on the scene the company assigned him to voice training. He even tried to provide the voice of Donald Duck. Although his character Ma Long was an eighteen year old he was very confident in his own voice. "I feel the voice acting industry has no age limit. The voice can be without any trace of age. You can perform very old or very young."

When asked would he show his first film to his future children, he said without any hesitation, "I wouldn't tell the child this is the Old Man's voice! I don't want him to join show business because he won't be better than his Old man in show business. Of course, I also don't want him to surpass me. I hope to have the dignity of the Old Man in front of him!" Reportedly THE MAGIC ASTER story's "community service message" was the main reason that it attracted many stars to provide their voices. Lai Ming as the UNICEF ambassador did not mind the salary for his voice work and even hoped through his hard work the messages of environmental protection and love for life could reach even more children. According to the Shanghai Animation Film Studio, the film's June 19 premiere will revolve about "charity" and send care to special need children groups.

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