Thursday, June 4, 2009


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The film CHI LING (THORN TOMB) recently shot in Wuxi. Yesterday a press set visit took place. The cast included Jay Chou (ChowKit Lun), Lin Chiling and Eric Tsang Chi Wai. The production team earlier constructed three sets in Yinchuan and now four sets in Wuxi. Over 100 workers worked day and night to complete all 7 sets in 17 days with over10 million yuan.

The producer pointed out that although some sets had actual locations for the production to use, the director used constructed sets for a more realistic result. Chow Kit Lun and Lin Chiling in the film had a relationship since childhood. Chow Kit Lun expressed that earlier he had a fight scene, in which she wore a thick and heavy armor. His left arm was sore and he almost could not lift it. Later he returned to Taiwan and after seeing a doctor it was a little better; however, he felt that the production was a lot of fun.

As for his co-star Lin Chiling, he described her as fairy like. They got along very well. Chow Kit Lun also pointed out that Lin Chiling was as pretty as Chang E. Lin Chiling expressed that both she and Chow Kit Lun were workaholics. They were both very optimistic and could not complain. She felt that Chow Kit Lun could not permit himself to make any mistake and demanded a lot from himself. After working together for awhile, their chemistry got better; but privately they still could argue. She felt such motivation would help with the production progress. She also praised Chow Kit Lun had a Bruce Lee flavor in his fight scenes.

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