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The Seven Little Fortunes children lived together for ten years, doing everything together they were as close as family. Even though they often feuded, they cultivated a chemistry and psychic bond that would be hard to describe in words.

Among the brethrens, Second brother Yuen Tai and Yuen Bun were the most connected. Yuen Bun said, "Yuen Tai is my nemesis. No matter when I go, he has a way to stand in front of me and then drag me back to see the Master."

Yuen Bun Ran Away, Yuen Tai Searched

When Yuen Bun remembers the past, although he pretends to still be angry his expression is less upset and more accepting. Obviously he is just playing as their bond remains firm. Yuen Bun says, "I remember once I ran away again to work in a plastic facotry. One day some co-workers said that someone was looking for me. I thought who would know I was here? I never expected to see Yuen Tai. He told me to return to the Master. At first I was unwilling, but he said that the Master guaranteed that he would not hit me again. I didn't know why at the time I would believe that. I didn't pick up my salary for working at the factory for 20 some days and followed Yuen Tai back. How amazing was that! Finally I got back to the school, before I even got my foot in the door the Master already started beating me. How capable was Yuen Tai!"

Yuen Tai listens and waits until his younger brother finishes before telling the missing person search secret and showing his elder steady stance. He says, "It wasn't hard to find out where you went, all I had to do was to ask my Ma! Every time you ran away you would go to your Ma. I asked where you went, she not only told me where you were but also cooked a goose egg for me every time. You know how large and delicious goose egg was. Thus each time you ran away, I took the initiative to look for you."

Day and Night Together, Close As Siblings

Yuen Tai's follow the vine to the melon trick might have been skillful, but the relationship between the disciples is closer than actual siblings. The fact is indisputable. Ultimately they spent day and night together, their relationships caem from feuding and arguing. Yuen Biao frankly says, "At the time we wouldn't go home for a long time. Our relationship with actual siblings wasn't as close as with the disciples. Honestly, we were so close that we could tell which brother farted."

Yuen Bun agrees, "We spent day and night together. I dare to guarantee that the time I spent with my own siblings are less than training with the disciples. We really only need to smell the scent to be able to tell who it is. We don't even have to look to know who is there." (14)

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