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Michael Tse Tin Wa's LAUGHING GOR ji BIT JIN has completed 1/3 of its production. Earlier in a scene in which Francis Ng Chun Yu and Lee Si Jit teamed up to torture Tin Wa, Tin Wa was injured but still insisted on completing the shoot like a serious professional.

Tin Wa said, "In the scene Chun Yu tied me up in a chair, Si Jit smashed a bottle over my head. Perhaps due to the angle, although it was candy glass the shrapnel cut the back of my ear. At the time the crew didn't know because the scene had prop blood. When they cleaned my wound they realized that I was bleeding. Director (Herman) Yau Lai To immediately opened a bottle of water to wash my wound."

Although Tin Wa was injured he still was worried about the production progress. He said, "When the bottle was smashed I already knew what happened. After it my ear was ringing and numb, but the scene was done in one take. I didn't want to stop and do it again so I toughed it out. The doctor gave me a few stitches and told me that the wound should close in four or five days. Luckily this time my face wasn't injured and could keep shooting the close up shots first."

"This was my worst injury, but when it happened my wife was still sleeping. I didn't want to scare her so I didn't tell her right away. (Cheng Yi Kin and Jordan Chan Siu Chun will work on a mob film, are you afraid of the comparison?) I don't mind any comparison. The film industry is on a rare revival, I am OK with cameos. Any exchange is fine." The "abuser" Lee Si Jit yesterday said, "I worried about Tin Wa's injury. Action films sometimes have to expect this. The angle is very hard to predict."

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