Monday, June 29, 2009

[2009.06.29] WAI KA FAI IN NEW YORK

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Wai Ka Fai brought his new film WRITTEN BY (JOI SUN HO) to the New York Asian Film Festival as its opening film. After the premiere the film received generally good review from U.S. publications and internet film critics.

After the premiere a question and answer session took place. The audience in order to catch a glimpse of Wai Ka Fai did not leave early. Although male lead Lau Ching Wan could not attend due to work, he recorded a video to be shown at the event. Asian film fans were very passionate and excited as they asked many interesting questions.

Famous U.S. film site film critic Andrew O'Hehir compared Wai Ka Fai's talent to BEING JOHN MALKOVICH's writer Charlie Kaufman. Wai Ka Fai felt very happy and honored to be called the Asian Charlie Kaufman. However his deepest impression was from a reporter who expressed to him that after watching his film he felt the importance of family, immediately called his father, mentioned this film and caught up. He even said that this was the theme that he wanted to express the most in his film. He felt very touched to have run into someone who gets it in the U.S.

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