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Michael Tse Tin Wa rose to fame with Laughing Gor. His film LAUGHING GOR ji BIT JIT (LAUGHING BROTHER: VARIATION) invited Best Actors Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Francis Ng Chun Yu, as well as red hot artist "Chai Gau" Lai Yiu Cheung for support. Earlier Cheung Jai began his first day of work as he turned from "Chai Gau" into an explosive police captain. He angrily questioned Wise Guy Laughing Gor in a series of acting battles!

Cheung Jai although was a guest star, due to his rising popularity his encounter with Laughing Gor would definitely be a focus. Cheung Jai this time returned to the modern times and played a righteous, explosive and tough police captain who specialized in battling Wise Guy Laughing Gor, mob bosses Wong Chau Sun and Ng Chun Yu. Earlier on his first day he was in an acting battle with Laughing Gor as they were in the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau second unit's interrogation room. Laughing Gor looked exhausted and was in handcuffs, sitting in a chair as Cheung Jai questioned him. Earlier the shoot, Cheung Jai studied with the director in detail in order to achieve the best result.

In the film Laughing Soh has already been confirmed as Fala Chen, who defeated the current Miss Chinese International Christine Kuo Wan Wai. According to Elaine Lok Yi Ling, both are hot and pretty. At first she recommended Kuo Wan Wai to the director. She matched the look of the character but her Cantonese still had room for improvement; Fala was also a suitable choice but had a series on hand. After reading the script she felt Fala could perform successfully.

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