Monday, June 8, 2009


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The year's spy film THE MESSAGE today will hold its trailer launch ceremony in Beijing. Huangyi executive Wang Zhonglei, director Gao Qunshu and stars Zhou Xun and Zhang Hanyu will attend. This film centers around the Japanese spy organization that tries to capture the underground gang "Old Ghost" during the War Against Japanese Aggression. Because the film has many big Mainland stars, viewers are curious about the roles and the credit orders of the actors. The release of the trailer will provide a hint.

Huang Xiaoming will be absent since he is working on a series in Taiwan. He played a villain for the first time in THE MESSAGE. Director Gao Qunshu expressed that THE MESSAGE was an ensemble film. Each character was very important, but Huang Xiaoming's character was the center of this film as he set up the conspiracy. Finally he added, "In the film Huang Xiaoming will bring a lot of pleasant surprises. He performed his character's depressed and ill idealist aura."

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