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Shek Kin was originally named Shek Wing Cheung, his family originated from Panyu, Guangdong. Born on January 1 1913 and raised by his step mother, he was weak and often sick as a child so he practiced martial arts to strengthen his body. During the War against Japanese Aggression, Shek Kin quited school and joined the war effort. Even he planned Anti Japanese plays and performed in both Guangdong and Hong Kong. In 1936 Shek Kin and Lee Kit Ying wed. They had 4 sons and a daughter.

Late in life and less than mobile, Uncle Kin remained at home most of the time. In a 2005 home interview, he still looked heroic despite the silver hair and brows.
Shek Kin strengthened his body with martial art since childhood and looked rather tough in this childhood photo.

Most Memorable Villain Image
Once studied stage make up and lighting, Shek Kin in 1940 was the make up artist for Cantonese Opera elder Sit Kok Sin. In the same year Shek Kin participated in the spy film FLOWER IN A SEA OF BLOOD (HUET HOI FA) and officially joined show business. In 1949 Shek Kin was invited to make the Wong Fei Hung film series. In the first Wong Fei Hung film THE TRUE STORY OF WONG FEI HUNG (BIN FUNG MIT JUK) he played Wong Fei Hung's chief rival. His villain image was the most memorable and earned him the"Villain Kin" title.

Numerous Classic Television Series
In Shek Kin's first 20 years in film, he mostly played villains. His trademark evil laugh has become villain actors' imitation target. In 1975 Shek Kin officially joined TVB. His first television series was GUNGFEI YIT, then HOTEL (KONG CHIU) and HEAVENLY SWORD AND DRAGON SABER were all considered classics.

Property Donation To Support Performing Art Culture
In 1993 Shek Kin officially retired from the film industry. At the time his final film and television work was the film HONG KONG ADAM'S FAMILY (GAN YUN SAI GA). In 1998 Shek Kin's beloved wife Lee Kit Ying passed away. In 2006 Shek Kin donated a property under his name to performing art cultural group in support of the industry. Shek Kin in 2007 was a model for a charity calendar, which was felt very honored. Two days ago (June 3) in the afternoon, Shek Kin passed away at the Queen Elizabeth hospital at the age of 96.

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