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Shek Kin in 1940 joined show business. He has participated in 350 films, the most famous of course had to be the WONG FEI HUNG film series. He always opposed the Master Kwan Tak Hing played Wong Fei Hung.

WONG FEI HUNG Sets World Record

Over 100 WONG FEI HUNG films were made and created the world record for the most film in a series. The Uncle Kin played villain although would always lose to Wong Fei Hung in the end, Uncle Kin was outstandingly evil and thus it became his representative role.

Strong For A 61 Year Old

Among the glory of Uncle Kin, one must mention ENTER THE DRAGON, his collaboration with Bruce Lee. At the time Uncle Kin was already 61 years old, but he was still very agile. Uncle Kin's abilities caught Bruce Lee's eyes as he invited him to play the role of Mr. Han, and they traded blows in the film.

Louis Cha's Personal Calligraphy

"SPIRIT AS STRONG AS STONE" was the calligraphy that Louis Cha(Gum Yung) personally created for Shek Kin. After joining TVB Shek Kin has performed in many Gum Yung novel based series, including THE ROMANCE OF THE BOOK AND THE SWORD (SHU GIM YUN SAU LOK), HEAVENLY SWORD AND DRAGON SABER (YI TIN TOH LUNG GEI), DEMI-GOD AND SEMI-DEVIL (TIN LUNG BAK BO ji HUI JUK JUEN KEI), CONDOR HEROES (SUN DIU HUP LUI) and FLYING FOX OF SNOWY MOUNTAIN (SHUET SAN FEI WU). Among them HEAVENLY KING's Golden Mane Lion King Tse Shun was the most memorable, even the original creator Gum Yung praised him and presented him with the calligraphy.
Uncle Kin back then studied Shakespeare's KING LEAR for his classic character Golden Mane Lion King
A Lifetime of Contribution To Performing Arts
Uncle Kin at the 2003 Hong Kong Film Award with Cho Tat Wa and Sai Gua Pau

Shek Kin gave a lifetime of contribution to show business. In 1992 TVB held a farewell program of him. Back then Uncle Kin bid farewell to television and TVB presented a gold plaque to Uncle Kin. In 1995 he received the Golden Bauhinia Award Lifetime Achievement award. In2003, Uncle Kin, Cho Tat Wa, Sai Gua Pau all received the Hong Kong Film Award Professional Spirit Awards. In 2004 Uncle Kin left his mark on the Avenue of Stars.

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