Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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The Wong Cho Nam starred new film SHORT OF LOVE (NGAI JAI DOR CHING) had decent performance after its release. Yesterday director James Yuen Sai Sun met with Cho Nam and Race Wong Yuen Ling for tea. Race expressed that all the actors had room to perform in the film. Did the other girls steal her scenes? She said that did not matter, but she would ask more of herself. For example she thought the exotic dance scene did not look good, but her sister Rosanne praised her improvement in her dancing.
Wong Cho Nam just returned from Malaysia. As for celebrations, he did not mind and joked that he could dance for the film's female leads. For his first lead role, Cho Nam honestly said that he was a little nervous. Cho Nam had scenes with Angelababy, who has been accused of plastic surgery. He pointed out that Angelababy was an angel from head to toe. He believed it was just a rumor. In the film he was lucky enough to get a kiss on the cheek from her, which was very sweet and made him the envy of many.

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