Tuesday, June 9, 2009


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The Sundream Pictures film PLASTIC CITY will be released June 11. Two Best Actors Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Joe Odagiri work together for the first time to become the boss of Brazil. Yet Chau Sun said that "It's not good to be this boss". Director Yu Lik Wai turned Joe Odagiri into a "Wise Guy", the genre that was no longer limited to Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok, but also international. At the same time, the director hoped that the two bosses would take some physical abuse. One was beaten while the other one burnt.

Chau Sun said, "In the story other gangs framed me and I went to prison. In several prison scenes I got beaten up. My opponents were all a head taller than me, all heavyweight foreigners. Even if they just lightly hit me I would be half dead. The director was demanding too. He kept telling them to hit harder and more intense. After several takes I had no idea how many punches I took. Finally I was bruised all over!"

As for Joe Odagiri, in the story he was down on his luck and ended up on the streets. Street children set his cardboard home and his lower body on fire. The director expressed that on the day of the shoot, Joe Odagiri insisted on performing personally and poured the accelerant on his body. "During the shoot the environment wasn't too great. Many people looked on and made sound recording difficult. The actor was on fire, which made the Brazilian crowd even more excited. Thus the scene had to be shot many times. I truly respect Joe Odagiri's spirit. Every time he had to be lit but he had no complaint. That was truly touching."

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