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The Taiwan Filmko NT$ 30 million film YU GAU (FISH DOG)'s production is heating up in Kaohsiung. The film yesterday held a press conference. Its actors Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Bianca Bai (Bak Yun Wai),Eason Zhang Yanming, Chen Enfeng and director Kuang Shen attended. At thepress conference, two male leads presented the ladies a rose that represent "You are my only one". The media asked the leads to play kiss kiss. Playing Sum Yau's husband, junior colleague Zhang Yanming presented a red rose to thank Sum Yau to play pregnant under 30 some degree Celsius heat. The host asked them to kiss and embarrassed them. Sum Yau's face turned red right away, finally Eason put his arms around Sum Yau's waist in response. The host joked that they were deaf. Later Sum Yau explained, "It was too sudden! With so many reporters it was really a little embarrassing. Now I am sweating just talking about it, it's very hot! Intimate scenes of course requires the audience to go a ticket and watch at the movies." However, Bai Bai and Chen Enfeng coordinated in their response.

Bai Bai and Chen Enfeng in the film had many daring bed scenes. Bai Bai was asked to grade Enfeng's bed scene. She laughed, "100 points." In addition, Sum Yau and Bai Bai privately were very close friends. Although they did not have any chance to appear together, they often chatted and joked around in the dressing room. Sum Yau even taught Bai Bai how to lose over ten pounds.

In the new film, Sum Yau played a girl who was pregnant out of wedlock with a strong personality. Sum Yau expressed, "Playing pregnant is a breakthrough in my performance career and contradicts my past nice girl image. During the shoot the Kaohsiung temperature reached 34 degrees. Playing pregnant was rather difficult." For her big screen debut, Bai Bai although had television experience still said, "Film performance style is different from television, but I still enjoy the filmmaking process. It feels like a hot spring bath."

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