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Taiwan female artist Janine Chang Chun Ning recently worked with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing on the film MURDERER. In it Chun Ning looked very gentle but actually was a very strong woman. Instead Sing Sing's character had major emotional fluctuation and she had to give Sing Sing strength by his side. Earlier Chang Chun Ning came to promote the new film in Hong Kong. Did her character resemble the real her? Chun Ning said, "Very much so. This is a more neutral character." She said that working with Kwok Fu Sing felt great. Sing Sing was a very attentive big boy who was very focused at work, but after work he would bring everyone joy without any arrogance.

Chang Chun Ning for her first film in Hong Kong felt that the Hong Kong film pace was fast and systemic. In the film she had intimate scenes with Sing Sing. She said that was a very emotional bed scene but it was not very daring. As for kiss scenes, she joked, "I am not telling you." Chun Ning frankly said that when the intimate scene began she was a little embarrassed, which went away later. Because Sing Sing communicated properly before hand, Sing Sing also took care of his co-star. Did Chun Ning deliberately make bad takes? She laughed, "No, I have to be professional. I was very glad to be able to work with Sing Sing. He is very handsome."

Their collaboration led to rumors. Reportedly Sing Sing had spicy hot pot casserole with her in Taiwan. Chun Ning laughed. "Really? No, a bunch of people were there that time. Even managers were." She said that she has never gone out alone with Sing Sing. Was Sing Sing an ideal choice? Chun Ning said that he would not be. She has seen Sing Sing's concert in Taiwan and she never fainted from how amazing he was. Sing Sing was an elder who was beyond her reach, a superstar. So she dared not think like that. Reporters claimed that Sing Sing already had a rumored girlfriend Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam). She smartly said, "I don't know."

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