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The Lau Ching Wan starred, Wai Ka Fai directed WRITTEN BY (JOI SUN HO) yesterday held a discussion panel at the Chinese University. This film has been selected as the New York Asian Film Festival opening film, which Ching Wan will attend. Will he bring a medical mask? He said he will but he had no reason to wear the mask for over 10 hours. He joked that he might suffocate. Was Ching Wan worried about the Influenza A H1N1? He expressed that he would not be. Although everyone knew that they should avoid crowded places, at film festivals that would be very hard to avoid. Ching Wan pointed out that his wife Amy Kwok Oi Ming might go to New York as well because she has always gone overseas with him. He joked, "After returning to Hong Kong I will have to start a new movie immediately, maybe I will put myself in seven day quarantine first."

Ching Wan expressed that WRITTEN BY was shot last year and was a shocking and tragic story. After the shoot for awhile he would unhappy and cherished his family and friends even more. Was he afraid that he would have depression like Nick Cheung Ka Fai? He expressed that he did not have depression but he had more thoughts, like in recent years he felt that he has overlooked life. Would Ching Wan spend more time with his wife? He expressed that he always did and his wife has always been happy.

Ching Wan revealed that in his film career, twice he did not want to act anymore. The first time was the series THE GREED OF MAN (DAI SI DOI) and the second time was WRITTEN BY. He would keep thinking whether he was suitable to be an actor anymore and what else he could make. Was he afraid of facing director Wai Ka Fai? He said, "No, over the years we have worked together many times. He is my acting teacher and my psychiatrist."

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