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Cantonese film actor Shek Kin (Uncle Kin) passed away yesterday. Industry insiders were all sad from the news. Artists recalled working and being with Uncle Kin. They all expressed that "Villain Kin" in real life was Mr. Nice Guy. Kind and righteous, he took great care of the younger generation and was willing to teach actors how to act. He was very easy going and serious about work. The way Uncle Kin lived his life was worthy of younger generation to learn from.

Alan Tam: Performing Artist Guild Funeral Assistance

Performing Artist Guild chair Alan Tam Wing Lun said over the phone, "When I went to PAG meetings earlier, Uncle Kin would always be at tea. At the time I greeted him and he was still very lively. Uncle Kin was already 96, I could only say 'once in a lifetime'. I know that when he lost his wife he was unhappy but still strong. PAG contacted Uncle Kin's children, if necessary we would assist with the funeral." Alan once was assigned to present an award to the immobile Uncle Kin. Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai) said, "I have never worked with Uncle Kin, but I have worked with his oldest son Shek Chi Bun as stunt coordinators and at the gym. I was very familiar with Uncle Kin. Last year I visited Uncle Kin twice, at the time he was still in great spirit."

Clifton Ko: Uncle Kin and Kwan Tak Hing Fought For Real
Clifton Ko Chi Sum: "Uncle Kin's final film should be my ONCE UPON A TIME A HERO IN CHINA (WONG FEI HUNG SIU JUEN). Although he only guest starred a few days, he still performed very well, unrivaled. He feel that Shek Kin and the late Kwan Tak Hing had a connection. In nearly100 WONG FEI HUNG, Kwan Tak Hing always played the hero; but the kind and righteous one had to play the 'bear'. In 75, they worked together on 13 episodes of the television series WONG FEI HUNG. At the time I was a production assistant. I witnessed Uncle Kin's resignation after four episodes because he no longer wanted to play Villain Kin. He felt that reprising this character wsa very tiring. For their final fight scene, Uncle Kin told the stunt coordinator not to design action. 'Let's fight for real'. Kwan Tak hing agreed. We were all stunned. During the fight,Uncle Kin of course was more energetic!"

Eric Tsang: Younger Folks Can Learn From His Life
Eric Tsang Chi Wai: "Uncle Kin and I last worked together on the film MILLIONAIRE'S EXPRESS. Uncle Kin was very nice, totally different on and off screen. Uncle Kin played so many character, the most classic of course was Villain Kin. The way he lived his life was well worth us younger folks to learn from. I am working on a movie in Wuxi. For Uncle Kin's funeral if I will be in Hong Kong I definitely will attend."

Chow Yun Fat Drove Uncle Kin To The Doctors
Chow Yun Fat: "Uncle Kin lived to the age of 96, which would be a happy passing. I worked with him on television series HOTEL, BROTHERS, and the film A BETTER TOMORROW III (YING HUNG BOON SIK 3 YIK YEUNG JI GOR), he was a very talkative nice guy, with a lot of actor's professionalism." Did Uncle Kin teach you a few martial art moves? "No, I have seen Uncle Kin in a few years. When Aunt Kin passed, I visited Uncle Kin. At the time no one looked after him. I would drive him to the doctors. He wasn't too mobile, but it came and went."

Patrick Tse Yin: "Passing at 96 would be a happy passing. I haveworked with Uncle Kin but we weren't too close. I had little contact with the elders, but Uncle Kin was a very professional artist. Although he always played villains, in real life he was very righteous. He was my elder, on the day of his funeral if I will be in Hong KOng I definitely will pay my respect. I am afraid that after I die, no one will come."

Lee Heung Kam: He Did His Own Make Up

Lee Heung Kam's heart ached when she heard about uncle Kin's passing. "I always said that I would visit Uncle Kin but I never did. I haven't seen him in several years." Sister Kam said about working with Uncle Kin, "I didn't work on too many Cantonese films with him because he mainly worked on martial art films. However I know his make up job was amazing, he always did his own make up. Other people were very afraid ofuncle Kin because Uncle Kin fought with real gong fu. Once he and I worked on a struggle scene, he just pressed my arm once and it was already bruised. The most memorable was working together on the television series HOTEL, I played Uncle Kin's wife. We rarely talked. Uncle Kin was very serious and did not joke around much."
Tony Leung: I Grew Up Watching Uncle Kin

Tony Leung Chiu Wai: "I grew up watching Uncle Kin. Uncle Kin was an artist who I admired and respected. Now that he has passed, of course it is regretable. I hope his family won't be too sad." Shuet Nei said, "Back then working with Uncle Kin was pretty scary, because he was amazing, fast and accurate. In addition he would chase you during the fight; however he was very nice, never nagged, very willing to give advice to co-stars and new comers. He was very easy going. Uncle Kin personally was a low key and gentle man, completely different from the character in the film. On Uncle Kin's days off, he would 'dress up' and go out."

Wu Fung: I Saw Stars After His Fight
Wu Fung: "When I heard about his passing, of course I was sorry. Actually he was been ill for a long time and had a very tough time. Maybe because he had too many fight scenes, his bones had problems. Seeing him like this broke my heart. We didn't work together much, but we chatted. We worked on a movie with Yu So Chau and Ng Kwan Lai. Uncle Kin was very serious on the set, very hard working during fight scenes. Many people were afraid of him, afraid that he would knock them out. He once slapped me, I saw stars afterwards but I didn't blame him."

Carol Cheng Yui Ling: "Uncle Kin was an elder who people respected. His departure was very regretable and heartbreaking. I benefited a lot from working with him. Uncle Kin in so many WONG FEI HUNG always played Villain Kin, actually he was very kind, a very nice elder who constantly helped the younger generation. His Villain Kin imagewas memorable, unforgettable, and a great symbol."

Connie Chan: Heartache

Chan Bo Chu: "I had a heartache and was very sad to hear about Uncle Kin's passing because when I was little I already worked with Uncle Kin. In my impression, Uncle Kin was Mr. Nice Guy, good father and good husband. He took great care of the younger generation so it was very regrettable. I would always miss him."
On Tak Chuen: Spar With His Buddies In Heaven
On Tak Chuen: "I wish Uncle Kin would be with his late co-starsCho Tat Wa, Kwan Tak Hing and Sai Gua Pau, reunited in Heaven and spar again." On Tak Chuen remembered his godfather Cho Tat Wa and Uncle Kin once ran into each other at a Performing Artist Guild event. They even talked about the past and had a great time. On Tak Chuen said, "I visited Uncle Kin with PAG, he even joked about moving overseas. Although he wasn't mobile, when I messed with him, he would chop my neck with his hand."

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