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Make a name for yourself and glorify your father and mother. This originally is a filial piety that children should have. As Yu Jim Yuen's daughter, Yu So Chau was the glory of the Yu family as a "martial art star" outside. Inside out of her busy schedule she took time to help her father with female disciple training in Beijing Opera. Yet this silver screen famous heroine indirectly due to Yuen Qiu took a beating from hre father at the age of 30. Seven Little Fortunes still remember that day as if it just happened.

Having performed the highly difficult 12 spear kick on stage, Yu So Chau in the 50s turned from the opera a stage to the film industry. With her years of Beijing Opera action actress background, she rapidly became a hot new heroine on the silver screen. Yet she could not change her tough on the exterior, gentle inside personality.

Famous But Not Proud, Morning Lessons

Yuen Qiu recalls her lessons with this top film "heroine" back then. She says, "Several sisters and I were fortunate enough to have studied under her. She isn't mean at all. Back then she taught a skit called '13TH SISTER'. At the time I had to get up very early to go to her Prince Edward Road home. Back then she would put on make up while teaching. There was no script at the time. Sister would first sing a few lines, then asked me to memorize them. She would say, 'Pay attention and listen, memorize it well, properly practice when you get back, work hard and sing it back to me next time'. Sister was very nice. She would never hit me, yell at me, so I particularly like studying with Sister."

Yuen Qiu liked to study with Yu So Chau of course also due to other temptations. Yuen Qiu says, "On many occasions when I went to Sister's home, I would run into her maid Sister Juk making breakfast. Sister would take the initiative and said, 'Sister Juk, pour a bowl for her'. Then I got a share too. At the time I only knew that studying with Sister I didn't have to train outdoors on the roof and I got good stuff to eat. so I worked very hard when I studied with Sister. After she taught me, I would never forget anything at the next lesson!"

Silver Screen Heroine, Disaster Spared No One

Although Yu So Chau took great care of her little disciples, but once Yuen Qiu indirectly caused her harm. Yuen Bun said, "At the time we were rehearsing, Yuen Qiu's use of the whip was poor no matter how hard she tried. Coincidentally Yu So Chau got back from her movie so Master asked her to demonstrate, but Sister dropped the whip in the process. Master didn't say a word, picked up the whip and sent it toward Sister. Every one of us were stunned. WHITE BONE YIN YANG SWORD's Yu So Chau, at the age Sister was almost 30, still had to take a beating from Master. After the beating she had to say to Master, 'Pa, sorry'. After that time, Yuen Qiu never dared to drop the whip again." (11)

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