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Lau Ching Wan and Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) recently worked on the film OVERHEARD (SIT TING FUNG WON), their first film together. Ng Yin Cho pointed out that Ching Wan has always been an actor who he admired. At first he was very nervous and did not know whether they would spark off any spark. Luckily their collaboration was pleasant. Ching Wan had a very deep impression of Ng Yin Cho's ONE NITE IN MONGKOK (WONG GOK HAK YEH) performance. At this collaboration's start their chemistry began, which was very rare. Like team sport, each person knew his position. Now they are like the film's surveillance trio. As soon as they meet they would talk nonstop. After taking a new role, he would consult them about the character.

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In addition, Lau Ching Wan originally would attend the 10th Annual New York Asian Film Festival with WRITTEN BY (JOI SUN HO) director Wai Ka Fai, but because at the end of the month he would have to work on POKER KING he had to be trained in poker now. With the flu in the U.S. he decided to stay in Hong Kong. Ching Wan was sorry that he could not attend because WRITTEN BY was a recent performance that he really liked and was satisfied with. In the film he played a blind judge. Before hand he had a lot of preparation and had large mood swings. Sometimes after work he still could not leave his character. Everyday he felt tired. He believed that the New York audience would be able to deeply experience it when they watched the film. He also spent two months to study braille. He joked that now with his eyes open he did not understand a single word in braille, but when he closed his eyes to touch it he could read it smoothly.

WRITTEN BY director Wai Ka Fai felt that this was a great honor in his film career and fearlessly still headed to the "pandemic area".

Recently on a cable interview, Director Wai praised Ching Wan as a very smart actor. "When I created the script and the character, I never accommodated him. Instead I just kept adding on to test his tolerance. I wanted to push him to his limits." No wonder the frequent thing that Ching Wan said to Director Wai on the set was, "Don't kill me!" Ching Wan felt that his relationship with Director Wai was like God and human's.

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