Saturday, June 6, 2009


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The Chow Yun Fat and Zhou Xun starred CONFUCIUS is currently in production in Beijing. Two days ago Confucius' 77th generation descendant Kong Deyong visited the set.

The 93 year old Kong Deyong tried to pull Fat Gor's Confucius beard and praised its realism. Kong Deyong even presented calligraphy art to the production.

Earlier, Chow Yun Fat and Zhou Xun worked on the major scene, Confucius meets Nanzi. At the time Fat Gor as Confucius sat kneeling on the ground with his eyes close. The Zhou Xun played Nanzi mischievously ran around Confucius and finally knelt in front of Confucius to discuss the question of "gentlemen prefer ladies". In the face of flirtatious Nanzi Confucius remained unmoved.

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