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Jason Wu Jing and Zhang Jingchu
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The Benny Chan Muk Sing directed, 100 million yuan science fiction action film CHUEN SING GAI BEI (CITY WIDE ALERT) yesterday started production at the Yuen Long Ka Lung film studio. Attendees included Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Shu Qi, Collin Chou Siu Lung, Zhang Jingchu, Zhang Baowen, Tie Nan and Square. Sing Sing and Shu Qi 10 years ago worked together on STORM RIDERS (FUNG WON). At this reunion they have won Best Actor and Best Actress and their worth increased ten folds.

Sing Sing in the film had many action scenes. Because he played a circus clown he would have a lot of special effect make up. Due to the recent heat, the make up caused a reaction of his skin. Yet Sing Sing said that this character was quite refreshing and all the pain was worth it. Female lead Shu Qi was the most comfortable because she only needed to stand and walk around. As for intimate scenes, Sing Sing expressed that had to be kept confidential. He joked, "The whole city will be on alert!" However Sing Sing and Shu Qi felt that being able to work together ten years later was destiny.

Earlier Shu Qi was found to be very close with Square member James. Yesterday Shu Qi and James without any hesitation chatted and laughed, she joked, "Did you expect me to hit him?" Sing Sing pointed out that Shu Qi treated him well too, often wiping away his sweat for him. James awkwardly said that Shu Qi treated every new comer well. Earlier he fell during the shoot and she consoled him. Was he under her spell? He frankly stated that he was and joked that now he was completely stunned.

Chou Siu Lung and Jason Wu Jing in the film had many action scenes and both were able to handle them. Zhang Jingchu actually had to fight too, which she called a challenge. In her past Hong Kong films she played more mild mannered characters. Luckily this time she had help from her on screen husband Wu Jing. Wu Jing also joked that being able to play a couple with Zhang Jingchu was a dream come true.

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