Monday, June 8, 2009


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Recently a member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice chair of China Confucius Foundation, Confucius' 77th generation descendant Kong Deyong visited the Huairou film and television base where the epic CONFUCIUS was being shot. The 90 something Elder Kong felt that Chow Yun Fat had both the shape and spirit of Confucius in his performance. Chow Yun Fat tightly followed Elder Kong. He not only bowed to her but also personally pushed Elder Kong's wheelchair.

Elder Kong at the same time watched the 2 minute trailer that was shown at Cannes. After the viewing, Elder Kong was very touched. She emotionally expressed that from the trailer the film looked very well made. It not only brought to life the Spring and Autumn Period history but also Confucius very convincingly. Particularly Chow Yun Fat's performance seemed to have brought Confucius back to the world again. Then Elder Kong visited the film's production. As soon as Elder Kong entered the set, director Hu Mei and Chow Yun Fat rushed to welcome her. Chow Yun Fat deeply bowed to Elder Kong, who very happily said, "Confucius is here! Confucius is here!" Chow Yun Fat walked next to Kong Deyong's wheelchair, knelt next to her, held her hand and said with a smile, "I am not Confucius, I am Chow Yun Fat!" Elder Kong nodded. "Your eyes resemble Confucius' too much, your look and built are particularly similar."

Elder Kong was very happy and excited to see Chow Yun Fat for the first time. She kept chatting with him and even curiously asked whether Chow Yun Fat's beard was real or fake. Elder Kong even said that she has seen many Chow Yun Fat movies before and has always been his fan. When she first learned that Chow Yun Fat would play Confucius, she breathed a sigh of relief. Before ending the visit, Fat Gor asked for a photo with Kong Deyong and even invited the busy Fat Soh to join them in the photo. Finally Fat Gor personally pushed the wheelchair and slowly brought Elder Kong to her vehicle.

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