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[2009.06.27] FAREWELL, UNCLE KIN

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The funeral of the villain of a generation Shek Kin was held yesterday at the World Funeral Home. A ceremony was held around 10:30AM then the remain was transported for cremation. His ashes will be buried with his late wife Aunt Kin in the Pok Fu Lam Chinese Christian ceremony.

Uncle Kin's friends included Connie Chan Bo Chu, Shek Sau, Lo Dai Wai, Wu Fung, Nam Hung, Lee Heung Kam, Ng Kwan Lai, Melvin Wong Kam Sun and Chiu Nga Chi, Tsui Siu Ming and others yesterday came early to pay their final respect. Chow Yun Fat, Barbara Yung Mei Ling Hong Kong fan club, Eason Chan Yik Shun and his wife and others sent flowers. Shek Sau expressed that the farewell ceremony was very serious and peaceful. He believed that this was the ceremony that Uncle Kin would like. He also pointed out that Uncle Kin was his idol. They played father and son on series. At the time they truly had a father and son feeling. He would like TVB to arrange for a series re-run.

Chan Bo Chu praised Uncle Kin for his respect of his job. Even after years in the business, for every movie he would arrive early on the set. He even paid attention to costumes in order for everything to be perfect. At the same time he treated people very well and was not evil at all. Wu Fung also pointed out that Uncle Kin was someone who respected and enjoyed his job, serious at whatever he did. Since he was able to create the Villain Kin character he was exceptional. As for his most memorable moment of working with Uncle Kin, he said, "Once in a series he slapped me, he really did it and I saw stars afterward!" Sister Kam pointed out that she has seen he and Kwan Tak Hing truly fought during rehearsal. The atmosphere was serious. Looking on from the sideline she was concerned. Also, Nam Hung expressed that she has worked with Uncle Kin on over ten films. She remembered the most about how he took care of the younger generation, how great he was to his wife. She advised young people to properly learn from Uncle Kin's passion for family and respect for his wife.

When Shek Kin's remain was transported for cremation, family and friends were mournful. Carrying Shek Kin's photo son Shek Chi Bun even covered his face with the photo to keep others from seeing his sorrow and reluctance. When family and friends left, the sky went dark and rain came. The crew had to carry umbrellas for family and friends. Uncle Kin early in the month passed away at the age of 96.

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