Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[2009.06.10] CHAN HING KA NEW FILM

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Chapman To Man Jat, Hui Siu Hung, Wong Cho Nam and Tsui Tin Yau yesterday in Fanlan worked on director Chan Hing Ka's work YUN GAN HEI KET (HUMAN COMEDY). To Man Jat once produced the Isabella Leong Lok Si starred ISABELLA. For her child birth, he directly said that Leong Lok Si called him earlier with the good news.

In addition, the film's cast put on uniforms and imitated the film THE ASSEMBLY's battle scene. To Man Jat expressed that this was a fantasy scene. In another one they had to imitate THE KILLER. He said that now Hong Kong film was already a sunset industry. THE KILLER was already last century's. In the film he played a Mainland killer who ran into a small time screen writer Wong Cho Nam. Both of their industries were sunset industries so they could not find their goals in life. Yesterday the location was hot and full of mosquitoes. Ah Jat expressed that it was not too bad.

Wong Cho Nam's popularity rose recently, with one movie offer after another. First came SHORT OF LOVE (NGAI JAI DOR CHING), later he will work on 73 GA JO HAT (HOUSE OF 73 RENTERS). He expressed that of course the work was not tough. Instead he felt happy to death as he hoped to have development in film.

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