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Shek Kin's passing brought regret to many industry insiders who have worked with him and brought back memories of their past together.

Lam Ka Wah: Talkative And Optimistic

Lam Ka Wah: "Uncle Kin was the Cantonese film era villain representative. He himself wasn't evil and always had a smile on his face. When I heard about his passing I was very upset! Aside from WONG FEI HUNG's Villain Kin, my deepest impression of Uncle Kin was in HOTEL, his three piece suit and long coat tycoon character. Back then he and I worked together on the series NO ONE IS INNOCENT (JUK GOR JUK), the entire series only had 7 or 8 actors, we always chatted. At first I was very afraid of him because he was very famous and did not speak much. Actually he was very talkative, optimistic, when he talked he would not nag or lecture. He told me a lot about life and his past fight scenes."

Lee Tim Sing: Could Not Be Nicer

Lee Tim Sing: "I already knew Brother Kin in the early 70s. At the time he switched to television and I worked with him on a series thatI produced, BROTHERS. Later he stopped working on television and we no longer had contact. However because Aunt Kin was a TVB artist, so I would hear about Brother Kin. I knew that he had to be in a wheelchair due to nerve pains. When Aunt Kin passed, I no longer had any news of Brother Kin. Although he looked evil, in real life he couldn't be nicer. Now his time has come, nothing we can do."

Roger Kwok Chun On: "When I got into the business, Uncle Kin was already 70 something. I once saw him at the TVB anniversary. At the time I was still new, I thought he was very serious so I was very afraid of him. I didn't dare to speak to him. However he was very friendly, full of smile, he came over and greeted me. He took great care of the younger folks and even told me to keep working hard."

Wai Ying Hung: "Uncle Kin was more familiar with my brother Wai Tin Chi. Last year my family and I had tea with him once. At the time his mind was very clear, only that he was not mobile and needed a wheelchair. During the Shaw days, Uncle Kin and I worked together on a movie. At the time I was only in the business for one or two years. He like a manager and an elder asked about my life goal and made me start thinking about this question."

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