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The Universe Entertainment and Golden Harvest Entertainment production, Pang Brother directed first 3D Asian thriller TUNG NGAN (CHILD'S EYE) yesterday held its production start ceremony in Thailand. The film's cast included Rainie Yang (Yeung Sing Lam), Elanne Kong Yuek Lam, Tsui Ching Hei, Rex Ho Chun Wai, and guest stars Shawn Yue Man Lok and Lam Ka Tung. Directors Pang Brothers and Universe boss Daneil Lam Siu Ming attended the event as well.

The film company yesterday invited a master to conduct the worship ceremony. The long table was filled with fresh flowers, fruits and wine. Later holy water was splashed on for a smooth film production. Kong Yeuk Lam was Catholic so she did not present incense. Kong Yeuk Lam who was rumored to interject into her boss Lam Siu Ming's marriage kept her distance from him. When the directors asked Lam Siu Ming to sit, Lam Siu Ming saw Kong Yeuk Lam was in the center of the third row and said, "No, I am better off being more reserved. I don't know what they are shooting?" After awhile then he sat in the first row. Lam Siu Ming expressed that the film cost US$5 million. The entire film will be shot in high definition. Because post production required time, the soonest it will be released will be next summer. The Pang Brothers expressed that because the film had many 3 dimensional special effects, each shot would take 45 minutes of work.

Kong Yeuk Lam said, for her first 3D film she realized that it was different from the average film. In addition it had many more close up shots. In comparison to Yeung Sing Lam, she thought she was very big and needed to lose weight. She even revealed that she had a tremendous appetite and could have two or three dishes of rice at one meal. Yeung Sing Lam joked that she was super scary and she already asked Yeung Sing Lam to supervise her diet. When she and Yeung posed for pictures they pretended to kiss. Kong Yeuk Lam said the last time she had a kiss scene with a girl was with Janice Man.

Yue Man Lok and former rumored girlfriend Yeung Sing Lam were both at the event. Ah Lok was worried about his ailing aunt while Yeung Sing Lam's aunt was also ill.

Yet at the event they did not talk at all and appeared to be estranged. Later reporters invited them to pose for pictures and Ah Lok played along, but still with other actors next to them. 7 or 8 fans approached Yeung Sing Lam in Thailand. She put her hands together in a prayer pose and greeted them in Thai.

Yeung Sing Lam and Yue Man Lok are a couple in the film. Working together 8 years later, she said that after working on TOMORROW they did not have any contact. They only ran into each other at award shows. She felt that both have matured. She expressed that the film would not have any intimate scene. Instead they would constantly fight. As for rumors, she said, "A lot of time has passed. Back then the rumor was nonsense. Time proved that we were in the clear and I am very happy. This time wouldn't feel awkward at all." Did she ask Ah Lok about his family? She was surprised and expressed that she did not know. She also said that her aunt was at the hospital for cancer treatment.

Yue Man Lok's aunt was ailing at the hospital. He had no expression and wore his sunglasses throughout. He expressed after the ceremony he would rush back to Hong Kong at night to visit his aunt. Next week he will return for the shoot. This time is a guest starring role and he will work for two to three weeks on the film. Even the salary was a "guest price". Would his family affect his mood? Ah Lok said, "I try not to let it." Did he feel that Yeung Sing Lam has changed? He said that she did not change much, she was still young. Would Ah Lok ask her for her phone to keep in contact? He said, "I forgot to ask, my mind is on the movie. Later at work and promotion we will see each other again." He also revealed that they had a romantic scene in the film. When asked whether he was afraid of further rumor, Ah Lok helplessly pointed out that it was inevitable. If everyone's focus was on them, he could not do anything about it.

In addition, Lam Ka Tung and Jo Kuk Cho Lam were a couple in the film. He played a faithful man who in the end became a victim, while Siu Kuk played a ghost. He said that strange events have occurred during the shoot. In one scene he had to come out from a dark place to tell others not to go anywhere that they should not go. When he came out, the dog next to him just kept on barking. Before it did not bark at all.

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