Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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Race Wong Yuen Ling rarely makes sexy performance as she has never even made kiss or bed scenes. However, in her new film SHORT OF LOVE (NGAI JAI DOR CHING), she performed a breakthrough sexy erotic dance and even used foul language that was 20 some words long. As for her first on screen kiss, Race preferred Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) instead of her boyfriend Heung Jor.

Race recently became a boss along with her sister as they opened a lingerie store in Singapore. Race was a walking billboard too as she wore her own company's product for her erotic dance scene in SHORT OF LOVE. She expressed that this costume was the sexiest. The shirt was only 10 centimeter long and could not even cover her underwear. However,she let everything go for the film. Did she have to consult her boyfriend about the scene? Race laughed, "I wouldn't ask anyone about my work, aside from Papa who has said that I can't be too revealing or make very passionate bed scenes." Race frankly stated that she has never made any bed or kiss scene. Even in this film, she did not have any intimate scene with Wong Cho Nam. Who would she like to give her first on screen kiss to? She laughed and chose Gum Sing Mo.

Would she like guys who are shorter than her? Race said that she was not considered tall so she would like her boyfriend to be taller, be able to hold and protect her so she would feel secure. Aside from the erotic dance scene, Race also had a scene in which she had to use foul language that was over 20 words long. She said, "When I first read the script, I really couldn't read it. Ordinarily I wouldn't say it. So I could only keep practicing at home. The neighbors didn't know what I was doing, why I was using foul language everyday."

Race had more acting experience than Heung Jor, would she give him any advice? She said, "No, when would it be my turn? (Andy) Lau Tak Wa is his godfather! He really doesn't need me to teach him." Race revealed that later she will release a solo record. Her sister is a free agent now and will focus on the lingerie store business. Race denied that her sister was retired from show business. With the right job she would work. Race always had a rumored husband. Did he invest in her store? She said,"No, (Boyfriend?) Also no." When asked about her relationship with her rumored husband, she immediately changed the subject and expressed that she would like to release a record with her sister as 2R again.

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