Thursday, March 13, 2014


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Wong Cho Nam in the film BLACK COMEDY (HAK SIK HEI KET) played a Hong Kong Man's Fantasy and even had a passionate kiss scene with Kimmy Tong Fei. Cho Nam joked that on the day of the shoot, his real girlfriend Leanne Li was present on the set as well and even had a lot of fun chatting with Tong Fei in Putonghua. He joked that he should make more kiss scenes, but even he had a bottom line. He could not take bed scene and foul language scene because he could not "perform" them well. He could only write scripts to put his skills on display. In the film he also went mouth to mouth with an uncle. He joked, "The taste is a little strange!" Actually Chapman To Man Chak added this scene in the last minute. Ah Jat kissed a granny and he had to kiss an uncle. "My comedy performance takes a lot of effort, the performance is very exaggerated. So he suggested for me to kiss the uncle. The result was decent."

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