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Kevin Cheng looks like a regular guy but is actually a multimillionaire
Alfred Cheung tailors the role for Kevin Cheng, and lead actress Li Chengyuan is a rising Mainland star
Kevin Cheng and Benny play father and son
Benny has his father Bin Bin's acting genes and gets into character as soon as he takes his mark
Alfred Cheung and his 21 year old son Cheung Ko Ming
courtesy of mingpao.com

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing yesterday worked on the Alfred Cheung Kin Ting directed film PUN KUNG FU BA BA (POOR RICH PAPA). Also on hand were Mainland actress Li Chengyuan and Taiwan child star Benny (Little Bin), however the other lead actress Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) was absent. Ka Wing recently has been focusing on Hong Kong and Mainland television series work, so the big screen arrived just in time. The last time he starred in a film was the 2007 SUPER FANS (TIM SUM FUN SI WONG). He returned to the film industry to play the father of Little Bin.

Yesterday was hot, the passing showers affected the production progress. However Ka Wing was in a decent mood. His casual look was similar to GHETTO JUSTICE (LO FOR GAI TAU)'s "Law Ba" guy look. He also deliberately not shaved and worked at an outdoor parking lot. He not only had a fight scene with two South Asians but also a touching father and son embrace scene.

During the rehearsal Little Bin was very calm. Although he was chubbier than when he worked on Taiwan series, he was very agile and had no problem for the multiple angle shot of running toward Ka Wing's embrace. However he and lead actress Li Chengyuan only had conversation scenes and not emotional scene. Ka Wing during lunch took the time to speak to the press. "Playing a father again after GLOVES COME OFF (KUEN WONG), rehearsing with children requires a lot of patience. I have to train my own emotional quotient because they can lose control at any moment. However conversations with them don't need to be too serious, you can just make up something. However Little Bin is already very experienced and has no problem at all." Ka Wing said that the television series shoot had greater time pressure, all the rushing around was very tough. Instead with film "A shoot a day is good for the body". He had time to consider the script and the details of his characters. The result would definitely be better.

Reportedly in the film Ka Wing played a multimillionaire, later after the passing of his wife he suffered a setback. He drowned himself in work and overlooked his son. Director Cheung Kin Ting said that this character was tailored for Ka Wing. The film will shoot in China and Hong Kong until the end of the month. Although the location shoot was unusually hot, he hoped to complete the child actor's shoot before the end of summer vacation.

On the set, aside Ka Wing and Little Bin were on screen father and son, behind the camera there were two father and son teams.

Director Cheung Kin Ting and his son Cheung Ko Ming looked like they came from the same mold. Ko Ming did not receive any special treatment though. During the entire shoot the camera never left his hand. Cheung Ko Ming is studying film in the U.S. and has his heart set on following his father's footsteps. This time father and son together would certainly be full of chemistry.

The other father and son pair was Little Bin and his father Bin Bin, who was a top child star of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 80s. He never expected that his sons would inherit his acting genes. Bin Bin kept his son company and took care of him on the set. During meals he even delivered his iPad for him to rest and relax. He was quite an attentive father.

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