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Nicholas Tse still believes ever after.  When he was young he thought that love needed occupation.  With more life experience his idea about love also matured.
Ting Fung loses 15 pounds to work with Gao Yuanyuan
As a film production company boss Ting Fung still focuses on making movies and leaves the company in the hands of others.
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Best Actor Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Mainland star Gao Yuanyaun in the new Emperor Motion Picture BUT ALWAYS (YUT SUN YUT SAI) played a couple. Tse Ting Fung said that he has never made such a pure romantic film in his career and hoped to make a new attempt. In addition he has never worked with Gao Yuanyuan, so he agreed to make the film. Although this film was a romance, Tse Ting Fung worked out before the shoot. He said, "The film is more than one kiss scene. When I read the script I learned that I had to perform topless, so I had to go through a hellish diet and exercise. Finally I lost 15 pounds. (Were you worried about embarrassing yourself in face of Gao Yuanyuan?) No, because the character had hard labor, I shouldn't eat well, live well and have so much fat. Losing weight for a romance this time, at first I thought it would be easier than working on an action film. I didn't expect it to be even more exhausting on the mind and body."

After making the film he would rather return to action films. Tse Ting Fung said, "If I made an action film the superficial wounds could heal very quickly, but for this scene I really recovered very slowly. (Do you like action film more than romance?) I don't differentiate it like that, as long as the script is good I would make it." He recalled during the New York shoot, the climate was chilly. In one scene he and Gao Yuanyuan ran into each other years later, they were so cold that their noses just kept running. "At the time she had to cry, I was so cold that my nose just kept running. However Gao Yuanyuan had to cry too, as soon as her tears came out they almost turned into ice. It was so cold that her face was stiff and in pain. At the time I really felt bad for her, but we had no room to hide on the streets. I didn't know how to help her."

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