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A full recovery will take half a year for Carlos Chan
Emperor boss Albert Yeung and CEO Albert Lee pick up Carlos Chan at the hospital
Carlos Chan says that he is injured from his neck to his chest, it hurts even when he moves a little
Albert Yeung says that the production is affected
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Emperor artist Carlos Chan Ka Lok earlier while working on the film TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) in Taichung was hospitalized after an accident. Earlier he returned to Hong Kong and remained in a hospital under observation. After three days and two nights of treatment, yesterday he finally was released. When will he return to work? Ka Lok said, "The doctor said I will have to rest for 3 months, but I hope to work on some dramatic scenes after 1 month. (Any lingering effect?) No, but I am worried about my body's mobility from now on. Now everyday I have to have physical therapy. The doctor said that a complete recovery will take half a year."

Emperor boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing and executive Albert Lee yesterday picked up Ka Lok at the hospital. Yeung Sau Sing said that he will fully support Ka Lok. Ka Lok thanked the boss because after his injury the boss immediately sent him a text message to say that he would be brought back to Hong Kong. He also thanked the team and co-workers for their care and concern.

Because Ka Lok's major scenes in the film will be shot in September and October, he hoped to join the team next week to shoot the non action scenes. Albert Lee said that today he will meet with the director to discuss strategies. Was Ka Lok afraid that his role would be reduced? He said, "He has waited for this chance for a very long time and hoped to properly grasp it. However that does not matter, the most important is the director is comfortable with the shoot." Speaking of rumored girlfriend Michelle Wai Si Nga visiting him earlier, Ka Lok admitted that she consoled him that staying alive was the most important, there will be opportunities in the future. He also said that he did not like to take the pain medication, so he tried to tough it out as much as he could.

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