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Witnesses Rosamund Kwan and Alan Tam, one solemn and one silly, bring balance to the mood of the wedding

Fan Keung has always treated Chung Ka Ching like her own
Chung Ka Chun gives her father a kiss 
As the couple appears, Maggie Cheung, Pang Kin Sun and others play photographers
Fan Keung holds back her tears during her vows as she signs the marriage certificate
Kenny Bee and Fan Keung bought the Tiffany & Co. wedding rings on a trip to Japan
Eric Tsang's speech make the couple teary eyed
The rare occasion calls for a group photo
Show Luo taunts the ladies after intercepting the wedding bouquet
Big kids Jacky Cheung, Nick Cheung, Eric Tsang take turns jumping rope
The bride calls the hiring of a band a waste of money as the Wynners, Jacky Cheung, Nick Cheung, Eric Tsang, Show Luo form the strongest band and keep the music going all night, Alan even becomes the top mic hog.
Kenny Bee and Fan Keung begin the evening with a frist dance under red lanterns
Kenny Bee, Louis Tan, Cecilia Yip and Fan Keung after dinner
Niki Chow, Berg Ng, Nick Cheung and Jacky Cheung
Alan Tam left for Hong Kong yesterday to prepare for his concert
Kenny Bee and guests leaves for dinner on three buses with police escort
Kenny Bee and Show Luo intercepts the bouquet
Fan Keung readies for the bouquet toss
Maggie Cheung turns into a photographer
Elva Hsiao and Elroy
Show Luo, Elva Hsiao, Kenny Bee, Cheryl Yang and Niki Chow
Kenny Bee jams with Jacky Cheung, Nick Cheung, Show Luo and Alan Tam
Everyone even play jump rope
Jacky Cheung, Nick Cheung and others arrive in Hong Kong around 10PM
All the stars' children are flower children
Anna Ueyama's daughter Hilary
Tony Leung Ka Fai's daughter Nikkie
Rosamund Kwan, Fan Keung, Kathy Chow
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Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To) and his beloved of 17 years Fan Keung under the witness of their family and friends earlier held a wedding in Bali. Reportedly Brother B spent 10 million on the wedding. The wedding photos were unveiled yesterday, each and every touching scene was filled with love and tears of joy. At the wedding banquet, Brother B and Fan Keung danced their first dance. The groom's party Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and the Wynners kept hogging the microphone and sang nonstop. The group last night returned to Hong Kong.

Brother B and Fan Keung yesterday distributed their Bali wedding photos to the media. Under the witness of Alan Tam Wing Lun and Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam, Brother B lifted Fan Keung's veil while daughter Chung Kwok presented the wedding rings to her parents. Brother B after putting the ring on Fan Keung signed the papers with his wife to officially become married under the witness of family and friends. Kwan Chi Lam and Fan Keung were all teary eyed. Brother B and his eldest daughter Ka Chun shared a kiss.

Brother B designed his own wedding wear and asked his tailor friend to make it. He paid a lot of attention and followed the entire process closely. When the bride tossed the wedding bouquet, the ladies moved away from the men. When the bouquet went to the men, the single ladies demanded the bride to toss it again. The first time Show Luo intercepted it. Brother B immediately said, "That doesn't count!" The third time went to his eldest daughter Ka Ching and Brother B said, "No way!" Finally at the fourth toss, Show Luo intercepted it again. Since everyone saw how much he wanted it, he finally ended up with it.

At the banquet after the wedding, Brother B and Fan Keung danced their first dance, then the guests joined the party. The new couple originally arranged for a band to perform, but after awhile the guests "hijacked" the stage. Fan Keung joked, "This time really is a waste of money!" Alan was the first to commandeer the microphone, then the Wynners, Hok Yau and others performed many songs. Suddenly drums beats arose when Show Luo took over the drums when he could not get the microphone.

The children had a lot of fun as well, as they tied together towels and cloth to make a big rope. Cheung Ka Fai and Hok Yau joined in. Tony Leung Ka Fai's twin daughters Chloe and Nikkie as well as Anna Ueyama's daughter Hilary showed off their bikini in Bali.

In addition, last night Brother B booked a restaurant in East Bali for dinner with some of the family and friends. Around 5PM three buses left with police escort. They arrived at the restaurant an hour later.

Last night around 9:30PM Brother B and guests after dinner left in the businesses with police escort. Appearing for the first time after her wedding Fan Keung was all smiles.

Tam Wing Lun, Pang Kin Sun, Yip Chi Keung, Cheung Hok Yau, Cheung Ka Fai and other guests left yesterday to return to Hong Kong. Ka Fai revealed that two nights ago the wedding banquet was a lot of fun. He joked that he did not cry but Hok Yau did. Hok Yau explained his hoarse voice was from singing too much. Ka Fai joked that he did not sing with Hok Yau, but Niki Chow Lai Kei performed an exotic dance.

Alan pointed out that Fan Keung everyday was crying tears of joy, after makeup she cried, after fixing her makeup she cried again. Her eyes were swollen. However no one got drunk, not even Chi Wai. Hok Yau played the guitar and sang for 3 hours and everyone celebrated Anna Ueyama's birthday. Cheryl Yang also said that she had a lot of fun, she did not play with Show Luo and did not get drunk either.

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