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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Sammi Cheng Sau Man worked together for the first time on the romantic comedy TEMPORARY FAMILY (SUT LUEN GUP YEUNG) was welcomed by the audience. After a week in release, its box office as of August 27 made HK$9.7 million. It even made 1.51 million on its opening day, breaking the two leads' film openings last summer, BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM)'s 850,000 and UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN)'s 1.41 million. Currently working on a film in England, Sammi was very concerned about the box office and was very excited after learning about the result. She also looked forward to working with Ka Fai for a second time very soon. Ka Fai said that he has not made a romantic film for a long time. In the past two years he mainly made gun fight action films. It was time for a romance and he ran into a lover in Sammi. It was truly too perfect.

Aside from Ka Fai and Sammi, AngelaBaby also opened people's eyes as she was praised for her knack for comedy. She said, "Actually when I was in high school, I had the class nickname Rotten Gag King. In addition this time my co-star was comedy expert Brother Ka Fai, I of course had to remain alert and not to make any mistake! People say I am ugly, I can tell everyone that for the character I can go all out. I don't have the ugliest, only even uglier. It is rare that someone would give you a character that you may not run into. I already did my best this time." Guest star Ivana Wong Yuen Chi also was a bright spot as a blonde rich wife, another exciting performance since GOLDEN CHICKENSSS (GUM GAI SSS). She on the set did not forget to get a photo with Ka Fai like a little fan.

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