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Sammi Cheng has to read the script to see if she can master the role before taking it
Cheuk Wan Chi and Sammi Cheng promote TEMPORARY FAMILY
Sammi Cheng thinks she can go even further in this kiss scene
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Sammi Cheng Sau Man starred in the new film TEMPORARY FAMILY (SUT LUEN GUP YEUNG), which will open next Thursday. On their first collaboration they already have bed and kiss scenes, but in comparison to the kiss scene in Sammi's previous film EVERLASTING REGRET (CHEUNG HUNG GOR) she felt that this time was just a little "passionate". With the funny parts she did not consider it to be the most extreme one in her film career. She even joked, "I can go even a little more extreme."

Sammi stated, as she was older the intimate scenes did not feel awkward. The reporter jokingly asked if she had to inform anyone before the shoot. She played dumb and asked, "Inform who? My Papa?" Obviously she knew that the reporter was referring to her boyfriend Andy Hui Chi On. She then seriously said, "I have a lot of freedom at work, I would make my own decisions. (Do you make your own decisions on everything?) No, I have to discuss it, life has a lot that need to be discussed."

Working with Ka Fai this time, Sammi said, the atmosphere was great. In several scenes she could not help but laugh. On two or three occasions because she broke out in laughter they had to start over again. She said, "Ka Fai tried to improvise, each scene had different dialogues, tones and expressions. As his co-star I would always get a lot of surprises, but I haven't been stumped yet." She did not know if she brought Ka Fai any surprise and did not dare to ask. However she believed that he should be pretty pleased with her performance.

Director Cheuk Wan Chi was pleased with both Ka Fai and Sammi's performance. She even revealed that their bed scene and kiss scene only needed one take. Ah Chi praised Ka Fai for being fully prepared at the shoot. He worked very hard to give different people creative space, but he absolutely would not play the director. She said, "Ka Fai's earlier films didn't have too many lines, and he had to kill people and burn things down. This time he doesn't have to do any of that, I was afraid that he would not be used to it. So I arranged for a car chase for him and Baby. In this scene Baby drove, Ka Fai and Sammi sat in the back seat. After the shoot Ka Fai thought it was not fast enough and asked for another ride. Finally he hit his head several times. Sammi's face was squished on the glass."

Working with Ka Fai and Sammi this time, Ah Chi looked forward to seeing Ka Fai's comedy performance and the sparks from his pairing with Sammi. She also revealed that Sammi did not agree right away. Sammi joked, "I have to play a little hard to get!" Actually because Sammi did not read the script yet, she worried about if she was able to play the character well. However when she heard that she would work with Ka Fai, she felt it was very fresh. She also was very lucky to have run into such a good co-star.

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