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Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) and Ko Chen-Tung's drug case is still under investigation. The detention house declined to make an exception for Jackie Chan and Joan Lin to see their son. Although when Fong Cho Ming's mother was rumored to be present when his home was searched, actually both Joan Lin and Jackie Chan were in Hong Kong. Cho Ming who would call his mother everyday vanished. They were worried that their son was kidnapped, never imagining that actually he was in detention for drugs. Both were shocked and heartbroken. Cho Ming yesterday was able to see his lawyer for the first time, but he repeatedly asked his lawyer about his parents' health and worried that he would affect his friends.

By the most conservative estimate, Cho Ming would have to be detained for at least 30 days before he would have a chance to see his family. Thus even as a delegate of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Jackie Chan still has not been able to see his son. He and Joan Lin could only form a legal team in Beijing for their son, hoping to be able to save him.

Last night Taiwan TVBS reported that Joan Lin did not find out about her son's arrest until Public Security informed her. However she still would not give up on her son and hoped that he would reform. The report even quoted Joan Lin's reply on the matter. She only very politely said, "Thank you for taking care of Fong Cho Ming. Thank you for taking care of my son!"

According to TVBS, yesterday a fb post from someone claiming to be Fong Cho Ming and Jackie Chan's manager stated that when Fong Cho Ming was arrested, his parents were in a panic in Hong Kong. At the same time Cho Ming was revealed that yesterday he finally was able to meet with his lawyers. When Cho Ming learned that he has committed a felony and might face prison, he still was worried about his parents' heart. He also worried that he would affect his friends. Although Cho Ming must face legal prosecution, but when lawyers hoped to fight for basic legal rights for Cho Ming, he was afraid of further misunderstanding from his family and chose to decline his rights. Cho Ming was likely referring to the outside misunderstanding Jackie Chan with his special identity could turn him into someone under special care. Thus he would rather choose to follow the detention house arrangements.

Fong Cho Ming and Ko Chen-Tung were treated like other prisoners at the detention houses. Both must strip down for body cavity searches. With the current anti corruption operation the officers did their jobs even more thoroughly. According to Mainland legal professionals they believed that no special treatment was given.

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