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Jaycee Chan admits to 8 years of drug use
Ko Chen-Tung has always been close to his parents
Jackie Chan's Hong Kong home is under full lock down
Ko Chen-Tung is under administrative detention for using marijuana
Beijing police confirms that Jaycee Chan is being detented for a felony
Ko Chen-Tung admits to the positive marijuana test
Ko Chen-Tung's prisoner uniform suddenly becomes a hot item online
Jaycee Chan received his Beijing home as his 28th birthday gift
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The press sets up camps outside the detention house
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After his Mainland arrest, Ko Chen-Tung may face another set of charges once he returns to Taiwan

After Ko Chen-Tung and Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming)'s Beijing arrests have been confirmed, the entertainment world was rocked. CCTW yesterday aired three videos, including Ko Chen-Tung being interviewed and admitting his mistake, and marijuana being found at a search of Cho Ming's home. Their faces have been censored. Cho Ming appeared to be calm during the investigation, while Ko Chen-Tung was more upset. He cried as he admitted his mistake and hoped his family, friends and supporters would embrace him.

Ko Chen-Tung had two videos, one of which was after his arrest the urine test came up positive for marijuana. At the detention house Public Security questioned him. A Public Security officer held a bottle of his urine and asked, "Is this your urine sample from just now?" He answered, "Yes." The officer said, "See for yourself, positive for marijuana. Do you have any questions?" He hung his head and said, "No."

In another video Ko Chen-Tung wore in a detention house uniform as he confessed to the camera, during which he even broke down. He said, "From the start to now, I have a lot of regret and I am very sorry. To everyone who support me or like me, even to those who know me, I want to tell them I am truly very sorry. I have become the worst example, the worst influence, made an enormous mistake. Also to my family and friends, because they have always been the most supportive of me and love me the most, I am very sorry about this. I made a mistake, I am also very worried about a lot of things, but I believe my family and friends would definitely be more worried than me. My heart aches, so I want to apologize to them. I have disappointed them, I have affected them negatively. To the young people in the society, I have made some wrong decisions. I truly hope that I can tell them that this is a wrong behavior. I am very sorry, I would attempt to become an even better person everyday after this lesson. Then I will face everyone again, with my arms open. I hope all of my family, friends and even people who like me can also open their arms and give me a little embrace."

The law enforcement search of Fong Cho Ming's Beijing home was also shown. In the video the police in a room found some suspected drugs. The officer asked Cho Ming who gave it to him? Cho Ming said, "It's been awhile, these have been here a long time, about one to two years. " The officer asked again, "What kind of drug is this?" Cho Ming said, "Marijuana." Then a white bottle was found and Cho Ming was asked to open it. Cho Ming said, "This is marijuana for rolling, it's all marijuana." Then another bag of drugs was found. Cho Ming said, "A different type (of drugs), that's it." In a checkered shirt Cho Ming appeared to be calm throughout. Reportedly CCTV yesterday on its program claimed that Fong Cho Ming has been using drugs for 8 years already. The first time was in Holland. Ko Chen-Tung's first time was also at Fong Cho Ming's home.

Now Fong Cho Ming and Ko Chen-Tung are still being held at the detention house. Cho Ming was under arrested for a felony and family has not been permitted to visit. Ko Chen-Tung's father and brother last night arrived in Beijing. Yesterday they visited Ko Chen-Tung at the detention center. Wearing a pair of sunglasses, Papa Ko looked weary. He answered to reporters' questions, "Ko Chen-Tung has make a mistake, as a public figure he has not been a good example."

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