Monday, August 11, 2014


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Eddie Cheung Siu Fai yesterday promoted his new film TWILIGHT ONLINE (HUNG BOR JOI SIN). Winning two Best Actor awards overseas with this film, his biggest surprise was that even foreign viewers liked this film. Perhaps they felt it was fresh and had fun watching it. The film also proved that Hong Kong film under limited resources was still able to produce quality work. He at the same time praised this time the new director Maggie To Yuk Ching was very sincere. He also thanked Hong Kong Film Development Fund for financially assisting this type of small budge productions. He hoped that the government in the future will be able to support new directors more.

Cheung Siu Fai because of this film has become "Ghost King Fai". Did he receive more horror film offers? He joked, "You guys gave me this name, I don't care about the genre of the film. As long as I get to act, I want to try it."

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  1. I feel very excited and impressed by this film ! Hope i can see it as soon as possible!