Saturday, August 30, 2014


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Chin Kar Lok performs with his daughter in his arms
Kar Lok kisses his daughter
Jordan Chan, Jerry Lamb, Ekin Cheng, Michael Tse and Chin Kar Lok show up in superhero costumes
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The two show "Summer Pop Live in Hong Kong 2014 Young and Dangerous Concert" two nights ago wrapped up at the Hong Kong Coliseum. On this rare occasion for the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS quintet to be together, everyone was very reluctant to part as they broke down in tears on the stage. In the end they even had a water gun fight on the stage. Chin Kar Lok even brought his daughter to the stage and publicly thanked his wife Angela Tong Ying Ying.

This time the concert coordinated with the Summer Pop theme, as the quintet performed Alan Tam Wing Lun and Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's classic hits. Jordan Chan Siu Chun even made fun of Alan's dance steps. The quintet then took turns break dancing and then impersonated Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, as they performed IRON CURTAIN TEMPTATION they took turns being propped up. When Siu Chun made a pose he accidentally hit Michael Tse Tin Wa. The five also mentioned that the Hong Kong Coliseum was everyone's collective memory. They gave special thanks to "Father of Concerts" Cheung Yiu Wing and dedicated the song GOOD SONG DEDICATED TO YOU to the late Uncle Yiu Wing. During the encore segment, the five turned into the "Justice Avengers" as they wore Batman, the Flash, Iron Man, Superman and Spider-Man costumes to perform EXTREME SPEED. They also flexed their muscles for poses. Siu Chun complained about Ekin, "Because you passed by Toys R Us and saw these costumes, you wanted us to wear them."

The quintet performed solo segments on the stage. Chin Kar Lok very sentimentally thanked the four brothers for accepting a martial artist like him. He said, "16 years of relationships from the set to the Hong Kong Coliseum." Then he sang ALWAYS WITH ME and walked toward his wife Ying Ying and their daughter. He even picked up his daughter and carried her around the stage. Ying Ying kept blowing kisses to her hubby. Kar Lok said, "Thank you to my wife and my daughter, the most beautiful women in my heart!" Finally the five started a water gun fight on the stage. When the show ended they hug each other and were rather reluctant to part. Ekin broke down in tears.

After the show, the quintet spoke to the media. Speaking of bringing his daughter on the stage, Kar Lok said that at first he did not think about it because he was afraid that she would cry. He never expected her to be able to tough it out to the end. He felt it was well worth remembering, so he took his daughter to the stage to share with her. As for tears on the stage, Ekin denied crying. Tse Tin Wa said that actually everyone teared up, but Jerry Lamb Hiu Tung's fell out. Siu Chun seemed to mind wearing the tight costumes very much. He said, "Everyone has a belly, I was in the Mainland for several months before. I didn't have enough time to lose it." They pointed out that they never thought a "noodle" like Ekin would buy those costumes. Will they have a chance to work together again? Siu Chun said that they have not thought about touring.

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