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Eddie Peng says anyone who makes Dante Lam's films has to be willing to suffer
Choi Si-Won is excited about finishing the shoot
If Shawn Yue makes a movies with Eddie Peng and Choi Si-Won it will definitely be quite a draw
Carlos Chan takes the ice bucket challenge despite his injuries
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Eddie Cheung and Choi Si-Won appear at the Velodrome in cycling gear
Carlos Chan takes the ice bucket challenge
Shawn Dou, Eddie Peng, Andrew Lin
Wang Luodan, Ouyang Nana
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Eddie Peng Yu-Yen, Choi Si-Won, Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Shawn Dou Xiao two nights ago appeared in cycling gear to work on the Dante Lam Chiu Yin new film TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) at the Tseung Kwan O Velodrome, drawing almost 50 fans to wait for their idols outside. Eddie while working on this film and UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) before has been injured, thus he joked that he did not hope to make more sports theme movies. He hoped to switch to make pure romantic films.

Eddie and Choi Si-Won pointed out that director Lam Chiu Yin although focused on the actors' physical development asked them to be thin and not to be too muscular. Excessive muscles would make the production even more difficult. In comparison to his previous film UNBEATABLE, which was more difficult to make? He said, "With UNBEATABLE only (Nick) Cheung Ka Fai and I suffered, but for this film I have more people to keep me company." He admitted that aside from actor injuries, even professional cyclists were hurt. Earlier he injured his arm, but it was not considered severe and he was able to tough it out. He joked, "Director Lam's films are about tolerance, this time is already great since I don't have to get hit." He also joked that he did not want to make more movies about sports. "Many film viewers don't know I am an actor, they think I am an athlete."

Choi Si-Won just completed the Taiwan shoot. Later he will go to Italy, Korea and Mainland for location shoots. He even looked forward to working with world champion cyclists. While many have been injured during the shoot, he joked that he only got healthier and even trained a body full of muscles. Speaking of them posing for photos with Shawn Yue Man Lok, would they have a chance to work together? Eddie said that the last time he worked with Lok Jai was already 12 years ago and joked that maybe he did not want to work with him. What would he like to collaborate on? He said, "Romance. (Playing a couple with Lok Jai?) No, a pure romantic film." Choi Si-Won joked that he loved both of them very much.

Speaking of Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) and Ko Chen-Tung's drug arrests, Eddie knew them both and praised Ko Chen-Tung as a genius actor and a polite kid. He said, "His behavior has worried his family and fans. He has already apologized for it. If he would be given a chance, he would not disappoint."

Chan Ka Lok who was hospitalized for injuries earlier said that the recovery progress has been ideal. However after resting for two weeks he grew much fatter and had to work out harder. Was he worried that his role would be reduced? He said that he could not worry about that because the production progress would not be affected for him. However the director said that his role has not been reduced. The film will shoot on location in Italy. Because he would not be a part of that, he could take the chance to rest. Ka Lok also revealed that Dou Xiao was a "king of falling off the bicycle". He fell once he broke something, but Dou Xiao fell a dozen times and only had scratches. Dou Xiao admitted that he has already fallen over 11 times. He even broke a helmet from a fall. Ka Lok was challenged to the "ice bucket challenge", which he took right outside the set. He also challenged Eddie, Dou Xiao and Ouyang Nana.

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