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Shawn Yue and Nick Cheung get along well off the set
Nick Cheung performs an intense daughter rescue scene as soon as he returns to Hong Kong
Anglea Wang photobombs Wong Jing
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Angela Wang Shiling and Wong Jing yesterday morning gathered at the Yuen Long Studio to continue work on a cockpit scene for FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON 2). Ka Fai just finished promoting his new film in the Mainland and immediately joined the production upon returning to Hong Kong. Speaking of his "written, directed, starred" ice bucket challenge video, he joked, "That day I was working in Shanghai, I shot it as soon as I got up even before I brushed my teeth! However my challenges to Fat Gor, Wong Jing and (Andrew) Lau Wai Keung were all turned down. Some day at a meeting with Lau Wai Keung he said he would 'cover it' but in the end he still forgot." Ka Fai felt that the society had too many conflicts, he wanted to do something to help people. As for being turned down, he helplessly said, "It doesn't matter, the three of them normally do charity work anyway."

On the set, Little Shiling and Wong Jing were unusually close. Actually while shooting on location in Thailand, they often ran into traffic jams and gradually their relationship grew. Wong Jing revealed, "We had nothing to do in the car, so I told her stories." As for director Lawrence Ah Mon (Lau Kwok Cheung)'s invitation to Ada Wong Chi Hom to perform nude in his new film, her father Brother Jing was so upset that he made a "eat poop" post online. Yesterday he remained upset. "I still haven't said 'a beating every time I see him'. (Would you communicate with him?) He can come to me, it's not like he doesn't know me. However maybe something happened in the middle." Brother Jing also admitted that he absolutely was not biased. He from the start of FROM 2 has never planned to arrange for a character to "groom" Chi Hom. "She has to accumulate more performance experience. (Would you pave the way for her?) Not deliberately, back then my father didn't either. She is already ahead of others, since people know that she is Wong Jing's daughter." Yue Man Lok looked exhausted, when he was in the scene he would leave the studio for some air and rest.

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