Sunday, August 17, 2014


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing earlier attended a Shanghai apm Snoopy event and stated that he remains single now. Every night he only has Snoopy who has been with him in bed for over 10 years!

Busy this year all along with Chen Kaige's film THE MONK, Sing Sing revealed that later he will still have to fly to Beijing for some additional shoots. He said that this film has been in production for almost 8 months, because he had to play the character at different ages he has had a lot of fun.

After finishing THE MONK, Sing Sing will work on new Hong Kong director Philip Yung Chi Kwong's DAP HUET CHUM MUI (STEP IN BLOOD IN SEARCH OF PLUM). In order to coordinate with his new character he even grew facial hair. He said, "Now I still don't have enough, I am always checking the mirror to see if I have enough yet."

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